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A Wedding Prayer

Ruth & Max Bloomquist
Ruth A. Bloomquist


Written especially for our niece's wedding.


A Wedding Prayer

© 4/07 by Ruth A. Bloomquist

Lord bless this woman                    
Who stands here today                
Light her path for the journey            
Show her the way                        
Fill her heart with the courage            
To weather all life's storms                
Bless this woman Lord hold her in Your arms  

Lord bless this man
Who stands here today
Teach him patience is often the key
Give him wisdom to choose
A life that leads to You
Bless this man Lord show him Your way      CHORUS  

    To have & to hold from this day forward                  

 To love & forgive what comes with time                  

 To cherish the moments spent together                  

 Oh Lord make them blessed in Your eyes (*end)    

Lord bless this union
Performed here today
May they shine with your light
For others to see
May their hearts know the wonder
Of being one with you
Bless this union Lord, rejoice in what You've made    CHORUS

*Oh Lord make them blessed in Your eyes     Amen