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Daddy Was An Old Man

Ruth & Max Bloomquist
Ruth A. Bloomquist


This song was inspired by our friend who began every story about growing up with, "My Daddy was an old man before I was even born."


by Ruth A. Bloomquist
  Daddy was an old man the day that I was born
  He was even older when my brother came along
  Born before the airplane the car & telephone
  Daddy was an old man and the railroad was his home

Daddy met a pretty girl and he courted her by train
Two hours just to see her and two hours home again
They took the train to Macon, the day he took her hand
He took her home to be his wife, the wife of a railroad man  CHORUS

The railroad kept us moving to several little towns
But Daddy wasn’t home much, his job was railroad bound
When he was he told us stories of life upon the rail
Mama  kept us grounded church on Sunday without fail   CHORUS

His boys just kept on growing. One died in Vietnam.
Daddy met him at the gates, by that time he was gone.  
For  all the years between us, And all the years we had
He taught me how to be a man. I’m proud he was my Dad    CHORUS