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Mama Said

Ruth & Max Bloomquist
Ruth A. Bloomquist


by Ruth A. Bloomquist

Mama said don’t go too fast
Cause being young just don’t  last
And being old takes a long, long time
And you’ll want to remember when

Mama said don’t go to far
The water gets deep where you are
Soon you’ll be out over your head
And the waters will sweep you away     CHORUS

Mama loves blue skies
Mama loves blue eyes
Mama loves blue birds
Singing outside her kitchen window  

Mama said don’t choose a man
Without a callous on his hand
He won’t know how to work the land
And your babies will cry in the night

Mama said love the Lord
Keep all your sins above the board
Lord knows you can’t keep them stored
And the waters will wash them away     CHORUS (x2)

        Mama I’ll remember you
        Your advice rings so true
        Mama I ain’t got a clue
        And I wish that you were here

Mama chased the rainbows down
Hoping they’d take her out of town
Looking to see if the pot of gold
Was all that she was told

Mama chased whiskey with water
Every time  she thought of the daughter
That ran off a year this May
To join a revival band    CHORUS