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Michigan Girl

Ruth & Max Bloomquist
Ruth Bloomquist


Michigan Girl first appeared on It's A Michigan Thing released by the Northern Michigan Songwriters In The Round. We re-recorded it for our own CD Turn Back A Page. The chorus sometimes turns into quite the singalong when we perform it around home.



by Ruth A. Bloomquist

Well it snowed last night in my hometown

And all the schools have been shut down

And the snowplows prowl the streets all by themselves

I remember times that happened to me

And how glad I was to be set free

 I wish that I could feel that way right now


Maybe it’s something in the water

Maybe it’s something in the air

Maybe the leaves in the autumn

That keeps me coming back here

I’m a Michigan Girl

Raised in the shade of the white pine

Walked the trails of the Porcupine

Proud to call this home mine

Well I heard they closed The Bridge last week

Cause the wind was high where the water’s deep

& The cars backed up for miles on both sides

& I remember when we rode Big Mac

Afraid we’d fall between the cracks

I can’t wait to take that Northern ride again         CHORUS

When the autumn leaves start coming down

Dancing red & gold and oak tree brown

With a kiss of summer still upon the air

I will somehow find my way back home

To the golden dunes and the big lake foam

To the rhythm of my heartbeat and my soul                  CHORUS