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Same Old Grind

Ruth & Max Bloomquist
Ruth A. Bloomquist


Same Old Grind © 4/07

by Ruth A. Bloomquist

Everyday it’s the same old grind

Get up early, leave the house behind

When All I really want to do is stay in bed

Pull those covers up around my hear

Make believe today that I am someone else instead

I’m looking outside as the snowflakes fly

They said spring was early but again they lied

Well all I really want to do is fly away

Find me an island where the palm trees sway

Make believe I really lived all my life this way  Chorus


       9 to 5 and a two hour drive

       There must be more to being alive

       One more day and I think I’ll cry

       I want to do more than just survive

All I really want to do is find someone

Who’ll rub my shoulders when the day is done

We’ll travel all around the world a time or two

Wear out thirty, forty pairs of shoes

We won’t have to make believe because it’s true  Chorus