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The Highway Song

Ruth & Max Bloomquist
Ruth A. Bloomquist


One Saturday in July 2010 we received an email from a fan. There was no message, only the subject line:  "Just heard you on Car Talk." Sure enough, Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers, had featured The Highway Song as a bumper between segments of the popular NPR program, Car Talk, making this officially " another Stupid Car Song." We love it! If you ever hear us on the radio and think we should know about it, be sure to drop us a line.


THE HIGHWAY SONG © 4-5-09 by Ruth A. Bloomquist
I’ve been riding this highway in sun, rain & snow
I’m no longer counting the days
And those long white lines all look the same
Maybe I’ve lost my way
Maybe I should have left this highway
Behind me a long time ago
But in my heart it seems like the right way to go

Chorus-  I can see them in the distance in my rearview mirror
And they’re moving at the speed of light
Soon they’ll be by me in a flash and out of sight

I have seen on this highway some very fast cars
Eager to find their way through
With all of that muscle & all of that power
As if they had something to prove
Some of them drive like there’ll be no tomorrow
And maybe for some that is true
Maybe that next shooting star in the sky will be you

I have shared this old highway with many a soul
Some of them drive 55
Sometimes I pass them, sometimes they pass me
Sometimes we ride side by side
Often I wonder just where they are going
And if they are now close to home
And how long they’ll stay there before they are tempted to roam