From the recording Daddy Was An Old Man

<p>This song was inspired by our friend who began every story about growing up with, "My Daddy was an old man before I was even born."</p>


<p style="text-align: center;">DADDY WAS AN OLD MAN&copy;4-2-08<br />by Ruth A. Bloomquist<br />CHORUS<br />&nbsp; Daddy was an old man the day that I was born<br />&nbsp; He was even older when my brother came along<br />&nbsp; Born before the airplane the car &amp; telephone<br />&nbsp; Daddy was an old man and the railroad was his home<br /><br />Daddy met a pretty girl and he courted her by train<br />Two hours just to see her and two hours home again<br />They took the train to Macon, the day he took her hand<br />He took her home to be his wife, the wife of a railroad man&nbsp; CHORUS<br /><br />The railroad kept us moving to several little towns<br />But Daddy wasn&rsquo;t home much, his job was railroad bound<br />When he was he told us stories of life upon the rail<br />Mama&nbsp; kept us grounded church on Sunday without fail&nbsp;&nbsp; CHORUS<br /><br /><br />His boys just kept on growing. One died in Vietnam.<br />Daddy met him at the gates, by that time he was gone. &nbsp;<br />For&nbsp; all the years between us, And all the years we had<br />He taught me how to be a man. I&rsquo;m proud he was my Dad&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; CHORUS<br /><br /></p>