January 2022 Seven Steps UP

HI! We are super excited about our January 22 concert at Seven Steps Up in Springlake, Michigan. Taking a break from our usual Live From Home series, we will be on stage at the venue with a live audience AND live-streaming via the Mandolin platform. Tickets for the livestream are available here: {https://bit.ly/3I0SZbR} AND tickets for the in-person show are available here: {bit.ly/3yDDEKR} This concert is the long awaited replacement for the one that was cancelled due to Covid-19 in March of 2020. Proof of vaccination and masks will be required in the venue. We are so grateful that Seven Steps Up has been able to stay afloat during these difficult times and are now able to invest in this new streaming technology. We wish them success with this concert and many more to come. Meanwhile, we will continue our regular Saturday night livestreams from home whenever we are able. Please follow us on Facebook @RuthAndMaxBloomquistMusic for notifications of those. We are ever so thankful for you, our friends and fans. Thank you, and best wishes for the coming year. Ruth and Max