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Welcome January 2023 

It's the first day of 2023, and we hope that it finds you well and happy, and that the New Year takes you to where you would like to be. 

We have three in-person shows this month, and we hope that you will consider attending if you are anywhere near: January 14 is Winter Wheat, the one-day winter version of the Wheatland Music Festival. https://www.wheatlandmusic.org/winterwheat/  We have played Winter Wheat several times in the past and it is always a great time. Two stages going from 1:30 PM and long into the night held at the Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI. Our set starts at 2:50 PM.  The next day, January 15, we play a concert at the First Presbyterian Church of Grand Haven as part of their Community Artist and Speaker Series. It's open to the public, and there's more information here: https://fpgh.org/event/community-artist-series-events/  Then on Friday, January 20 we will be at an iconic folk music venue The Two Way Street Coffee House in Downers Grove, IL. https://twowaystreet.org  The show starts at 8:00 Central Time, and if you're anywhere near we would love to see you there. Three live in-person shows: Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, ChicagoLand. Please join us if you can. 

All the best for the New Year. 

Ruth and Max

December 2022 

HI Folks! It seems that we have one busy week in December and it happens early in the month, so we want to let you know what's going on and encourage you to come see us in person if you're anywhere near. Here's the schedule for our (as far as we know) last in-person appearances for the year 2022:

Sunday December 4 - Grand Haven, MI. C3 Spiritual Community. Usually just 3 or 4 songs that may or may not go along with the topic of discussion of the morning. 

Wednesday December 7 - Chelsea, MI. ON THE TRACKS Songwriter Showcase(at The Chelsea Depot) A co-bill with another duo The Lucky Nows. It's all about our original songs and how they came to be.

Saturday December 10 - Whitehall, MI. The Playhouse At White Lake. We love to play this wonderful theater, and it's our first time back in over three years. The concert theme will be Changing Of the Seasons, and yes, there will be Holiday songs to go with that theme. 

Also please remember to check our Facebook page <@RuthandMaxBloomquistMusic> for events in our Live From Home live-stream series.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for your support.

We wish you the Happiest of Holidays. Ruth and Max

November 2022 

It's NOVEMBER?! We missed updating you in October. We were busy, but not with much that you could actually engage with. For the first half of the month we were visiting our friends in France. Suffice it to say we had a wonderful and restful time with not a lot of sightseeing and plenty of time with our dear friends there.

Then, almost as soon as we got back home, we packed up again and went to the annual gathering of the Folk Alliance Region Midwest -FARM- near Chicago. Here's a photo from one of our showcases.It was a long weekend of making music, hearing music, seeing old friends, and making new connections. 

We have one (sort of) public in-person appearance in November. On Saturday November 12 we will be playing for Back To Live Music Pop-Up Concerts in Grand Haven, Michigan.

Then in December we have (so far) two opportunities: 

December 7 On the Tracks Showcase at the Historic Chelsea Depot, Chelsea, MI https://www.onthetrackschelsea.com

December 10 In Concert at the Playhouse of Whitelake, Whitehall, MI http://theplayhouseatwhitelake.org

Check our schedule for details here: https://ruthbloomquist.com/schedule


Thanks for reading. Thanks for your support.

Ruth and Max


September 2022 

SEPTEMBER 2022 is here. It may be the end of meteorological summer, but there is still some mighty fine weather to come. We look forward to getting outside as the air starts to cool, breathing deep, and watching the colors change. Some travel is in the offing for us as we visit dear far away friends we have not seen for nearly three years. We hope to post some photos and video of those travels. Music will surely be made.

Before we go we do have one show that we want you to be aware of especially if you're in the West Michigan area. On Saturday night September 10 we will be at the very wonderful and soon to be closing venue Seven Steps Up in Springlake, Michigan. Please do join us if you can for this bittersweet goodbye to our friends there and to one of our favorite stages to play anywhere. Here's where to get your tickets: https://sevenstepsup.com/event_registration/221 Enjoy it all friends, as we enter those months that end in R.

Ruth and Max

Spring is springing 

How'd it get to be April 6 already? We hope you're doing fine as we pass through Michigan's false Spring into the real thing. The lilies of the valley, day lilies, and daffodils are showing their little green heads, so things are looking up. 

Out biggest news is that April 23 will be our 100th Saturday night livestream concert from home. We've been doing them since March 28, 2020 skipping the occasional Saturday that allowed us to play somewhere for a live audience (usually outdoors). We still don't know just how we'll celebrate this milestone, but it'll be fun. Meanwhile, if you'd like to view a recent one, here's a link: https://fb.watch/cdqN-Lvhqf/ 

As usual lately, we don't have a lot happening in the "live in person" area this month, but we will carry on. Easter Sunday we return to C3 - West Michigan's Inclusive Spiritual Connection in Grand Haven. We always enjoy their Sunday gatherings even though it's only a few songs. 

May 7 we will be in concert at the Chrystal Theater in Chrystal River, Michigan. We are excited to be making this road trip to the western edge of Michigan's Upper Peninsula to share our music. 


Ruth and Max

March Music 

It’s March 2022. Yesterday was nearly a shirt sleeve day. Most of the snow is gone from our yard. More snow is predicted to fall soon. We’re not complaining (yet) because yesterday’s temps in the 60s felt mighty good. We’re looking forward to getting out of the house a bit more as the weather warms up, and we have a few concerts on the calendar already. 

In the meantime, we plan to continue our Saturday night “Live From Home” series whenever we are not live in person on a stage somewhere else. Follow our Facebook page to get notices of these and other events: https://www.facebook.com/RuthAndMaxBloomquistMusic/ 


Sunday March 13 5:00 EST we will be swapping songs on ZOOM with our friends February Sky.   A virtual in the round concert with February Sky and Ruth & Max Bloomquist. TO BE BROADCAST VIA ZOOM. You must register to attend. Here is the registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYpcuigpzguGtat2d0mbr5JGuINm59niDai  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. 

Thursday March 24 7:00 EST Ruth joins host Andy Baker in the round with Nicholas James Thomasma live on stage for a Songwriter Showcase at the Black River Tavern in South Haven MI. More info:  https://fb.me/e/1hOY3RG5t 

Watch for more dates as the weather warms and check our schedule often. https://ruthbloomquist.com/schedule 

Thanks for reading and caring. We couldn’t do it without folks like you. 

Ruth and Max

New Video and February News 

With Valentine’s Day coming upon us, here’s what’s new and what we’re up to. 

As you probably know, we have been live-streaming via FaceBook nearly every Saturday night for nearly two years, taking the occasional Saturday off for those rare (these days) opportunities to play for live in-person audiences. We had such and opportunity on January 22nd at the well known venue Seven Steps Up in Springlake, Michigan close to where we live. It was inspiring to finally return there after our March 2020 booking there was cancelled due to the Covid lockdown. As a bonus, our concert was live-streamed via Mandolin so that those who could not attend in person could enjoy the experience with us. We are thankful for the opportunity and to all who attended both the in-person and live-streamed versions of the show. You can see a video of a song from the show linked below. 

We have one live appearance in this month of February, also near home, for the Sunday morning gathering of C3: West Michigan’s All Inclusive Spiritual Gathering. We always enjoy it there. 

In March, Ruth will be appearing in a songwriter showcase at the Black River Tavern in South Haven, Michigan along with series host Andy Baker, and our friend in music Nicholas James Thomasma. 

As always, thanks for checking up on us. We truly appreciate your support. If you have any suggestions for future venues we would love to know about them 

All the best, 

Ruth and Max

January 2022 Seven Steps UP 

HI! We are super excited about our January 22 concert at Seven Steps Up in Springlake, Michigan. Taking a break from our usual Live From Home series, we will be on stage at the venue with a live audience AND live-streaming via the Mandolin platform. Tickets for the livestream are available here: {https://bit.ly/3I0SZbR} AND tickets for the in-person show are available here: {bit.ly/3yDDEKR} This concert is the long awaited replacement for the one that was cancelled due to Covid-19 in March of 2020. Proof of vaccination and masks will be required in the venue. We are so grateful that Seven Steps Up has been able to stay afloat during these difficult times and are now able to invest in this new streaming technology. We wish them success with this concert and many more to come. Meanwhile, we will continue our regular Saturday night livestreams from home whenever we are able. Please follow us on Facebook @RuthAndMaxBloomquistMusic for notifications of those. We are ever so thankful for you, our friends and fans. Thank you, and best wishes for the coming year. Ruth and Max

November 2021 

November! Wow, the year is winding down, but there is still some good stuff to look forward to. Here's what we've been up to and what's coming up. Saturday night live-streams: Most Saturday nights since March of 2020 we have played a live-steamed concert on FaceBook, and we will continue to do so in the foreseeable future on any Saturday night that we are free to to do so. Though we will accept in-person concert appearances on a Saturday under the right circumstances, these "Live From Home" concerts are very important to us, and we love how our fans new and old have frequented them and supported them over time. The best way to follow them is to Like or Follow our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RuthAndMaxBloomquistMusic. Also, there is always a link to a fairly recent one on the landing page of our website: https://ruthbloomquist.com, and they are all archived at: https://www.facebook.com/RuthAndMaxBloomquistMusic/live_videos. If you enjoy them or would just like to support us in some way during these difficult times in the music business you can do so at: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/RuthBloomquist. THANK YOU! Last month we actually played for live people twice. Once for a Sunday gathering of C3- West Michigan's Inclusive Spiritual Connection in Grand Haven, MI, and once (on a Tuesday) for the Feeding the Soul of the City lunch time concert series at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Muskegon. It felt great to get out and play for live audiences, and both gatherings were very respectful of Covid protocols making it very comfortable to be indoors with a crowd.  Then, for the last five days of October we attended the virtual annual Gathering of the Folk Alliance Region Mid-West (a.k.a. FARM). It's the Mid-West division of Folk Alliance International, and they have been doing a fantastic job of helping the members to learn the ins and outs of performing on-line over the past year and a half or so, as well as encouraging dialog and camaraderie. The gathering was virtual using Zoom and an app called Whova that kept things very well organized. We had opportunities to learn from experts including one-on-one sessions with mentors in a number of areas of the music business and opportunities to showcase what we do via live-streaming. The FARM board of directors and the Conference Director, Annie Capps, are to be congratulated for putting on a wonderful event. Despite the success of this virtual gathering, we have high hopes of seeing all of our fellow FARMers in person next year. In November we are staying local so far with just one opportunity to perform in person. It's for the residents of The Village at the Pines Senior Community in Grand Haven, MI on November 12 at 2:00 in the afternoon. We've played there before and had a great time, so we're really looking forward to it.  In December (so far) we'll be at UM Church of the Dunes in Grand Haven, MI for their Annual Christmas By Candle Light celebration on December 9 a 7:00.This concert will be 30 minutes or so of mostly Holiday material. Thanks for reading. We couldn't do this without you. Happy Thanksgiving! Ruth and Max

August 2021 News -Crazy Days of Summer  

It's August! The dog days of summer are here after a hot and busy July. We were kept quite busy with public and private outdoor shows last month all within a fairly short drive from home. As much as we enjoy travel, this summer's schedule close to home and actually at home live-streaming, has been quite a pleasure. 

August looks to be a bit less busy, but we intend to make the most of it. Public outdoor highlights will be: Sunday Aug. 15 at Muskegon's Victorian Garden, Friday Aug. 20 in Kaleva, MI at the Log Cabin Outdoor Theater, and Tuesday Aug. 31 for WGHN's Tuesdays In the Park in Grand Haven, MI. Check our web schedule for the details. 

If the Saturday night live-streamed concerts on FaceBook are your thing, check our page at http://www.facebook.com/RuthAndMaxBloomquistMusic for updates. If we don't have a Saturday gig off premises we plan to live-stream a set each Saturday night either from our back deck weather permitting or from our little studio if it's wet or cold outside. We are planning on August 7 and 28 at the very least. Those are 8:00 PM Eastern time. 

Meanwhile, we are actively seeking concert venues to play over the coming months and for next year as the world begins to hopefully open up, so if you have an idea please let us know. We appreciate all the help we can get. 

Thanks for being a fan. Please stay safe and well. 

Ruth and Max 



Upcoming Shows 

Sunday, August 15 
Muskegon Victorian Garden/Phoenix Continuum  •  Muskegon, MI  •  2:00pm 1299 Jefferson St Conver of Jefferson and Strong

Friday, August 20 
Log Cabin Stage  •  Kaleva, MI  •  6:00pm Corner of Walta & Panu Streets

Tuesday, August 31 
Tuesday In the Park  •  Grand Haven, MI  •  7:00pm 
Grand Haven Central Park