In Like a Lion?

What can we say about early March in Western Michigan? Some days are sunny while others are far from it, and we never know what form the precipitation might take. We have just returned from a lovely getaway visiting good friends and sharing music in a warmer climate, but we are happy to be home.

We look forward to presenting our music this month in three locations. One is a Sunday morning gathering local to us. One is in the Chicago area, and one is near to Detroit. We look forward to them all, and hope that you might join us at one if you are so inclined. Here they are. Details are in the links below.
Sun Mar 12 2023  10:00a C3 Spiritual Community  Grand Haven, MI
Tue Mar 21 2023  7:00p Oak Park Public Library  Oak Park, IL
Fri Mar 24 2023  8:00p Trinity House Theatre  Livonia, MI
Also, we have some very nice events scheduled for the coming summer and hoping for more. Our complete schedule is published on our website<> AND our music is available for physical sale or download at <
Meanwhile, if we have no other pressing commitments on a Saturday night you will likely find us live-streaming from home via our Facebook page @RuthandMaxBloomquistMusic. Please do follow us there for updates.
Your support means the world to us. 
Ruth and Max