April News

Spring seems to be here for real this time. The song birds and the squirrels are acting crazy, and we have a hen turkey wandering around the backyard looking for food. The tulips are grown and blown, the grass is greening up, and the maple seeds are all over the deck.
We have a couple of shows coming up that we want everyone to know about. On Friday April 27 we will be at Brown Town Hall near Manistee, MI for a concert put on by the Spirit of the Woods Music Association. Then on Saturday April 28 it's just a hop skip and a jump up to the Insideout Gallery in Traverse City. There we'll be joined by our good friends M23 Strings. You'll like 'em. Click the links or see the details of these and other upcoming shows on our Schedule Page. We hope you might come if you're near the area. We especially invite our many friends in the Northwest of the Mitten to come out and join us.
You might remember that late last summer we mentioned recording a concert with the intention of releasing a live CD. We did record that concert and you might even have been there, and now you're wondering whatever happened to the live CD. Well, it took us this long just to get used to the sound of our own performance, but we think we might be ready to do the final mix. We've even started working on the packaging. So watch for an announcement some time this summer.
You might have seen the Michigan Girl video that was posted to YouTube in January by our friend Terri Pippen-Grannis of Zellie's Opry House. We blogged about it on our website blog. Somehow we can't stop talking about it, because it just makes us smile. It has been shared and shared with folks all over the country and has been very good for us. It is quickly appoaching 220,000 views, and a quarter million is just around the corner. If you haven't seen it, please go take a look and share it with your friends. And thanks, by the way, to all who have done so already. The extra interest that has been generated has put Turn Back A Page into the Top Folk Albums on CD Baby, and Michigan Girl into their Top Ten Songs (Folk). As we're fond of saying, "It's not Lady Gaga, but it sure is fun!"

News Flash: We have just booked a show for June 15 at Seven Steps Up in Spring Lake, MI. It's a great listening room that you're really going to like.

That's it for now. We'll be in touch as usual. We sure hope to see you sometime soon.



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