It's our first snowy day of the season

We hope that your autumn has been calm and colorful as it has been here. As this little message is being written we are getting our first real snow of the season, and we are reminded of Ruth's song, First Snow. If you haven't heard it or would like to hear it again, just click on the title. Meanwhile, Ruth is working on her newest holiday themed song. We'll try to at least get a video up for you in December.
Though we have some dates scheduled to play for this early winter season, most of them are private holiday parties and house concerts. The most public one is the Sunday gathering for the C3 Inclusive Spiritual Connection in Grand Haven, MI on December 16.
In mid-January we begin our now annual tour in Florida. Public performance dates are on our schedule. If you know of a place where we should play, perhaps your RV Park or community club house, etc. please let us know, and we will try to make it happen. We also love to play house concerts, so if you'd like to try hosting one please contact us. It's easy.
Have a safe and joyful Thanksgiving, friends. You will hear from us again next month.
All the best,
Ruth and Max

  Make My Baby's Eyes Shine Bright
  Its A Beautiful Day
  Ho Ho Ho
  Michigan Girl

Upcoming Shows
Sunday, December 16
C3  •  Grand Haven, MI  •  10:00am
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Saturday, January 19
Grand Lake RV and Golf Resort  •  Citra, FL  •  7:00pm
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Saturday, February 9
Leesburg Center for the Arts  •  Leesburg, FL  •  7:00pm
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